Hi guys, and welcome to kadelhorst.dk !

If any of you wonder where the name ‘kadelhorst’ comes from, I can tell you that my full name is Katrine Adelhorst Jepsen and that I just played around with the initials and names to find the perfect blog name.


I am a danish twenty three year old Multimediadesigner and Digital Concept Developer. Sounds fancy right? Well it isn’t. I can tell you that it has to do with a lot of computers, technology and digital stuff such as graphic design, creative advertising, social media and things like that.


Right now I am waiting to graduate in January, so that I can be a grown up and start a full time job from 8-4. Although I am excited to be finished with my studies, I recently found out that it’s not my passion I’m going to work with. I want to be more creative, write and sell my paintings to someone who will enjoy them. Here’s to my new blog!


Can’t wait to show it to you guys.


In some time I will be linking to my shop so you can go take a look at my work. The site is going to be www.ka-studio.dk but it’s not quite finished yet.


This site is meant to be a place where creativity is in focus, and hopefully you will be able to go here when you need a breather and something that doesn’t require a lot of thinking and using your brain.


In some time when my blog grows, I will be using affiliate links around the site, and other stuff too, but I’ll get more into that when the time comes, and you guys are free to ask any question you might have for me.



xx Katrine

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